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Volunteering at the Priory Centre has given me the opportunity to try working in an office based environment, working on real IT and admin projects. I am now certain that I would like to make this my future career ...

Jacob Colledge came to GYCT in August 2017 through a work experience placement arranged by the YMCA. When this came to an end he decided to stay on as a volunteer to gain further workplace skills and experience, particularly in the areas of IT and admin. For the first few months he helped out on the Priory Online Project, helping people to get started with their new Smartphone, tablet or laptop, teaching them how to get on to the internet or supporting people to access Universal Jobmatch. In January he took up another part time opportunity, joining the team of volunteers that run GYCT's new Priory Pantry. He is now volunteering four days a week.

Jacob helping out at the Priory Online Project

He mans the Pantry in the Priory Centre reception one morning a week, but has also been able to contribute valuable expertise in setting up systems behind the scenes. He has designed a database for the project, producing stock control sheets and also designing promotional posters.

Jacob's input has been invaluable to the Trust, but the benefits have been mutual. He has attended workshops in Safeguarding Training and Working with People with Disabilities. He has had the chance to gain grounded experience in an office environment and will also be able to use the Trust as a reference source for future employers. Prior to this placement he had worked in retail with the British Heart Foundation and at Bernard Matthews. Now he is certain that he would like to find a career that is computer based, as an administrator or possibly doing reception work.

"Volunteering at the Priory Centre has introduced me to a large variety of interesting and inspiring people who have helped me build my self-esteem and discover skills that I didn’t know I possessed. I have always been quite a shy person but my volunteering experience has helped me to gain confidence in talking to people and has also helped me create new friendships. Mostly I enjoy teaching our ever expanding attendees, This gives me a genuine happiness and sense of accomplishment as well as giving them the necessary skills to improve and grow in today’s technological world."

We are always on the look out for new volunteers who can help to run our Priory Centre services and currently have opportunities for a Priory Pantry Volunteer and a Priory Pantry Driver.

If you are interested in finding out more about these positions, or to see our full list of opportunities visit our Current Opportunities page.

Alternatively, just call our Volunteering Coordinator, Joleen Azevedo, for a chat:
T: 01493 743014 E:

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