Calthorpe Nursery Garden

Our children are encouraged to get outdoors as much as possible for plenty of fresh air and exercise.

The nursery garden has plenty of room for children to climb, ride trikes and run around, as well as a dedicated area for quiet play and reading.

The space is shared by children from both the Whale and Octopus Rooms, encouraging the older children to take on a nurturing role and helping the younger ones to become used to mixed age groups.

Our skilled practitioners are always on hand to ensure the children's safety, help them to sort out conflict and to encourage learning opportunities that naturally emerge through play. They are highly trained to balance safety, on the one hand, with children's natural desire to take risks, on the other. Our play area has soft-play surfacing so that any fall is comfortably cushioned.

The garden is always alive and busy, with a choice of staff-led activities such as skipping, balancing, ball games, music making, bubble-blowing and nature projects - or the freedom to play as they choose.

There are areas for sand and water play, a mud kitchen and a digging pit, with waterproof clothing and wellington boots readily available (and compulsory) for the messier activities.

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