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Health and Nutrition

Health and Nutrition

A Healthy Snack

During each session the children are invited to sit down for a healthy snack. We use this time to introduce new foods and tastes, as well as bringing out old favourites.

Snacks include healthy nibbles and bites, including dried and fresh fruits, raw vegetables, cheese, ham, pizza. Milk is served with the snack. Please let us know if your child has any known food allergies. Children are also encouraged to drink water at other times during the session.

Healthy Snack

A Social Occasion

Snack time provides an opportunity for the children to sit down and enjoy eating together. Everyone helps themselves, to develop their fine motor skills, and a practitioner is at the table to encourage sharing and conversation.

Potting up seedlings!

Fresh Air and Exercise

All of our nurseries have ground floor locations, giving children easy access to the nursery gardens. Outdoor play is beneficial both to children's health and their learning and development. We enable free-flow play whenever possible, encouraging children to move naturally between indoor and outdoor environments.

Weather is no longer considered a limiting factor. Children are equipped with waterproof clothing and wellington boots to allow them to learn about the changing seasons and experience different kinds of weather.

Gardens are well planned, with shaded areas for quiet play outside, such as painting, games or reading; areas for messy or water play, such as mud kitchens; as well as areas for active climbing, balancing, skipping and bike riding. Babies and toddlers equally enjoy time outdoors.

Potting up seedlings!

Safety and Challenge

Children's natural inclination to take risks tends to be more limited compared to the lives of earlier generations. Adult caution and fear reduce children’s opportunities to set themselves challenges and take risks.

We try to keep a balance between healthy challenge, on the one hand, and safety on the other. Practitioners are always on hand to assist or hold hands and our play areas have soft-play surfacing, so that any fall will be comfortably cushioned.

Enjoying quiet time outside
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