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Family Support

Children's Centres are 'one-stop shops' and 'must visit' places for parents-to-be and families or carers with pre-school children. Our services include ante- and post- natal services, a host of fun groups and activities for parents and carers with their under 5s, as well as specialist groups for families of children with special needs and for women with maternal depression.

We try to make our activities as accessible as possible by using venues across local villages - so make sure you find the most convenient place for you. Our services are free and available to all families. Some of the activities need to be booked, but others are 'drop-ins', meaning that you can just come along on the day.

Support and advice can also be offered on a one-to-one basis in your family home, to help with all kinds of issues relating to child development and family life, including help with budgeting, advice on housing or finding out about services and opportunties that are available locally.

To find out more please contact us directly on: 01493 789562 or speak with your Health Visitor.


The Children's Centre offers a range of parenting programmes. The programmes we offer are all nationally recognised and evidence based. This means that they have been evaluated and that the outcomes for children and parents have improved.

The programmes are run by highly skilled and qualified staff that ensure the needs of each parent attending the group are met, whilst maintaining fidelity to the programmes.

Please call to find out more:
T: 01493 789562 E:

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