Ageless Opportunities GP Surgery Volunteer (Public facing)

Hours: Minimum 4 per week
GYCT Department or Team: Executive Director
Job Title of Coordinator: Project Worker

Aim of the Role
This AO GP Project Volunteer is important in helping people who have been referred by their GP, or other health professional, to access different groups and activities in a group setting. The volunteer will help us achieve this by supporting the referred people, as a group, in visits to activities across the Borough.

In particular we want the AO GP Volunteer to build on their personal strengths, skills and qualities to:

Specific Tasks

  • Work with other volunteers on the project
  • Welcome new people (clients) on to the project
  • Help them complete project forms as necessary
  • Ensure relevant forms are completed by every individual participating
  • Discuss with them as a group - and individually - what sort of activities they would like know more about
  • Collecting petty cash for group expenses and taking receipts to Calthorpe House finance team
  • Using petty cash to buy weekly refreshments and taking receipts to Calthorpe House finance team

This role is for you if ...

  • You can commit to a period of at least 10 weeks at a time
  • You enjoy working with people
  • You enjoy being out and about visiting new places
  • You enjoy finding things out/researching information
  • You appreciate the need for confidentiality
  • You are looking for a volunteering role that is flexible and can fit in with your other plans for the week!

Or contact the Volunteering Co-ordinator for more information:
T: 01493 743014 E: