Volunteer with Us

Why volunteer?

Some of the benefits you can gain from volunteering:

  • Build your CV and boost your career options
  • Gain new skills, experience and valuable training
  • Increase your confidence and meet new people
  • Improve your health and wellbeing
  • Make a positive contribution to your community

Are you ...

  • Aged 16 or over
  • Able to offer the time and commitment
  • Wanting to try something new or different

Do you ...

  • Have a non judgemental and friendly approach

Can you ...

  • Bring personal qualities to a voluntary role

We will ...

  • Value you and your ideas
  • Offer you ongoing support in your role
  • Provide any relevant training you might need
  • Give you references if requested

Some questions you may have ...

Q: How much time do I need to be a volunteer?
A: This is really up to you. You could volunteer for as little as 1 hour a week - or more, depending on the role.

Q: Will I get any out of pocket expenses paid back?
A: Yes. This means that GYCT will cover your travel costs and anything else we deem appropriate.

Q: If I am claiming benefits can I still be a volunteer?
A: Yes, you can. Benefit regulations are clear that you can volunteer, in fact many advisors encourage it. But we suggest you inform your advisor.

Would you like to find out more?

Take a look at our current opportunities

Would you like to be placed on our waiting list?

Complete our online application form and we will contact you when a suitable opportunity comes up.

Or contact the Volunteering Co-ordinator for more information:
T: 01493 743014 E: volunteer@gyctrust.co.uk

Please be aware that GYCT will request you to:

  • Provide two personal references, of which one must be known to you for at least two years.
  • Declare any convictions, whether unspent or not, or any pending matters. This does not necessarily mean you cannot volunteer with us, but we do need to know.