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Donations from Tesco and the Co-Op

A huge thank you to Co-op Funeral Services and Tesco's Caister

Tesco’s in Caister has been generously providing the Priory Friendship Club with bread and other bakery items for some time as part of its community FareShare FoodCloud scheme. The items are collected and distributed within the Club each week and attendees are free to take anything home that they would like. Until now, however, the Club has not been able to accept fresh/frozen produce due to cold storage issues ..

.. until a recent phone call from Hannah Tolman, Funeral Supervisor for the East of England Co-op Funeral Services on Northgate Street. Hannah contacted Joleen, the Friendship Club leader, to offer their support for a local community project. Joleen gave Hannah some information about the Club and invited her along to meet the members, see how the Club runs and find out more about the kind of activities that are provided.

"She was warmly welcomed to the Club and it was a great opportunity to see what happens and look at ways the Co-op could support us", says Joleen.

As a result of that meeting, Hannah suggested that the most useful way the Co-op could help would be to donate a fridge/freezer and a cool box in order to be able to store food at the correct temperature and to allow Friendship Club members to receive both fresh and frozen items from Tesco’s each week.

Fridge/freezer donated by Co-Op East of England Funeral Services

On 16th June a get together was arranged to introduce Hannah from the Co-op to Jessica (Store Manager) and Rachael (Customer Services Desk Support) from Tesco's Caister, and for everyone to meet members of the Friendship Club.

Friendship Club

We cannot thank both the Co-op and Tesco's enough for their support, which will allow us to offer both fresh and frozen produce to Friendship Club members on a weekly basis. We are pleased to report that, following the get-together, Hannah, Jessica and Rachael plan to keep in touch and will be popping in from time to time to see us all.

The Priory Friendship Club relies on support and donations from local community organisations. If you think you may be able to help - or if you are interested in coming along to the Friendship Club - please contact Joleen:
T: 01493 743014 E:

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