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Filby Nursery Ofsted Report

Little Blossoms at Filby Nursery

The team at Filby are celebrating a 'Good' Ofsted report in all areas of effectiveness of leadership and management, quality of teaching, learning and assessment, personal development, behaviour and welfare and outcomes for children.

The "well qualified staff" were found to be "friendly and professional", creating "a very welcoming and child-centred environment that engages children and motivates them to explore and learn".

As one of our smaller nurseries, staff are able to take the children on regular outings "to explore and learn about their local community and the surrounding natural environment," such as visits to Filby Broad to study wildlife. "Staff plan activities linked to national or charity events and celebrations, promoting children's understanding of the world around them."

The staff are keen to involve parents in the life of the nursery. In return parents "speak very highly of the care their children receive and how well staff support families. Staff are very successful in engaging parents in their children's learning and guiding parents so that they can support children's learning at home". They also work extremely closely with Filby Primary School and "are highly successful in supporting children's transitions". "Children are well-prepared for their next stage in learning and eventual move on to school."

Little Blossoms at Filby Nursery gets a Good Ofsted Report
Children have many opportunities to "develop their small-muscle skills in preparation for early writing". Staff are also keen to encourage the children's mathematical abilities and "they confidently count, sort by colour and size, and recognise shapes and numbers during their play". "Children are imaginative and creative. They demonstrate independence in managing their self-care, such as dressing themselves for outdoor play, opening containers and clearing away after lunch."

Children are happy and settled in the nursery and are emotionally well prepared to learn. They form "trusting relationships" with the staff and make friends with other children in the nursery, developing a good understanding of how to work together and get along. They are confident to express their ideas and opinions" and "staff continually praise children's efforts and achievements to promote their self-esteem".

Nursery Manager, Liz Enfield, was really pleased with the report, particularly as it acknowledged the commitment of staff, their strong partnership with parents and their continuous professional development, all of which provide strong outcomes for the children.

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