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Update on Horatio House

Settling in at Horatio House

It's been a mammoth undertaking, but Horatio House Independent School has relocated from its former premises on Southtown Road to it’s new home in Lound. Taking on the former middle school site just south of Hopton has provided a huge improvement in quality, variety and amount of accommodation. Every classroom is bright, airy and large, there is a sports hall, a welcoming reception area and plenty of outside space. Its rural setting provides a favourable environment for pupils, giving them a place they can feel comfortable in, be proud of and where they can learn to the best of their ability. Moving school is no easy task though and, whilst everyone is settled into the new surroundings, there remains plenty to do and many opportunities to realise.

Within two months of the move the school received its first full inspection from OFSTED. It would be fair to say this was a little sooner than we had anticipated, but we felt our inspector fully understood our circumstances and was keen to ensure she had a full picture of the school ... not just where we were on the days of the inspection, but also where we had come from and where our aspiration lies. Whilst her judgement is that we “require improvement”, that is a view that we all shared. She recognised that our view of where we are as a school, was accurate, that we know the areas where we need to improve and that we know what we are already good at. She reported particularly positive feedback from commissioners, partner agencies, parents and pupils and congratulated us on securing such a fantastic site for our school to develop in.

New Horatio House Site

Her key messages for improvement were around:

  • developing information systems so that we can better understand our impact, whilst measuring and driving progress
  • developing our curriculum and teaching so that all pupils have access to a wide variety of subjetcs with quality differentiated teaching to meet their needs
  • getting our admission processes to be more thorough and consistent and ensuring pupil attendance is as good as possible
  • making sure our offer around Social, Moral, Sprititual and Cultural (SMSC) education meets all areas of the independent school standards
  • continuing our work to ensure behaviour management is consistent across the school
  • and finally strengthening our governanace arrangements
To find out more about Horatio House Independent School contact Trevor Cockburn:
T: 01493 602108 E:

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