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Peggotty Nursery Ofsted Report

Peggotty Nursery

The team at Peggotty Nursery pride themselves on working with parents and their south Yarmouth community to help other young families in the local area.

Parents hold the staff and nursery in high regard. They comment on the atmosphere of community within the nursery and how hard the staff work to build partnerships with families. They appreciate the events held by the nursery and the supportive staff.

Their success was highlighted in the nursery's October Ofsted report, when they were praised for building "strong parterships with parents". "Parents are valued as contributors to children's learning, and attend stay-and-play sessions and outings." Parents contribute to initial assessments of children's capabilities and provide information about children's activities at home. Staff use this information to plan interesting experiences and provide a range of resources, relating to children's interests.

All children, including those who have special educational needs and/or disabilities and those in receipt of additional funding, make good progress from their starting points.

Independent thinking is encouraged and the inspectors found that the children "confidently make choices about what they would like to do next. They navigate around the attractively resourced space, transporting materials from one area to another to extend their play." Our skilled practitioners are always on hand to ensure the children's safety, help them to sort out conflict and to encourage learning opportunities that naturally emerge through play. They are highly trained to balance safety, on the one hand, with children's natural desire to take risks, on the other. Our play area has soft-play surfacing so that any fall is comfortably cushioned. Staff support children to understand key safety rules, such as using scissors carefully and knowing where it is safe to climb. Staff praise children warmly and recognise their efforts to master difficult tasks, such as writing their own name.

Children gain key skills and are well prepared for their next stage in learning, such as school. They demonstrate an interest in writing and enjoy making marks with chalks, pens and in the sand. Children learn to operate technology, pressing buttons to turn on lights and listening to music on a computer tablet. Children learn to take turns and recognise the importance of sharing key resources with their friends. Children become confident communicators and begin to play cooperatively in a group with their friends.

Nursery Manager, Danielle Coulam, was really pleased with the report, particularly as it acknowledged the commitment of staff, their strong partnership with parents and their continuous professional development, all of which provide strong outcomes for the children.

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