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Priory Day Nursery Ofsted Inspection

Priory Day Nursery

"Management are ambitious for all children to enjoy learning in a stimulating, inclusive environment."

Priory Day Nursery received a clean sweep of 'Goods' in its May 2017 Ofsted Inspection.

Inspectors' key findings were that:

"Children are happy, confident and secure as staff build very positive relationships with them. This helps children to settle well .. and develop secure bonds with the adults caring for them ..

.. (they) are inquisitive to explore, experiment and learn. Older children listen to each other, are able to follow complex instructions and develop confidence to voice their opinions. They are well prepared for the next stage in their learning."

Staff were also praised for creating highly effective partnerships with parents and external agencies to ensure that every child gets the support they need .. at times persistent to secure additional help fpr children who need early support to close gaps in their learning.

Priory Day Nursery
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To find out more about Priory Day Nursery contact Zoey Coleman or Hayley Dean, Nursery Managers:
T: 01493 842424
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