Norfolk Coast

Priory Counselling

Counselling is a talking therapy that is offered by qualified therapists. It can be beneficial for all areas of life that create difficulties for us.

We use several different models of therapy, depending on a client's individual needs. Counselling offers a non-judgemental, safe confidential space to explore the difficulties that sometimes impact on our wellbeing and cause us to struggle in life.

Sometimes the past can impact on the here and now, without us understanding why. Exploring with the help of a trained therapist can help us to engage in the daily challenge of life, enabling us to move forward in our relationships and other areas that feel difficult.

Couples counselling has a slightly different focus, helping to improve communication and understanding of the individual's needs and the impact of their actions within the relationship.

To find out if counselling could be of help to you, we feel the best way is to come for a free informal consultation with one of our counsellors and experience it first-hand.

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