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Personal Budget Support

Personal Budget Support

Our Business Support team has been delivering payroll and employment support to individuals and organisations for over 10 years. We can support you with all financial and employment aspects of running a direct payment and personal budget.

This can include paying all outgoings, including invoices for agencies or day services, wage payments to a Personal Assistant, insurance payments (e.g. employer liability), HMRC payments etc. We will send you a regular statement of receipts and payments and a statement of accounts for the Local Authority. You will still be in control of your budget and your care; we will just take away the hassle and worry of managing the paperwork.

Other services we can offer include:

  • Supported Accounts;
  • Payroll Support, including calculating employee tax and National Insurance contributions, ensuring that statutory deductions to wages are made, help with all your HMRC reporting;
  • Employment Support, helping you to recruit, employ and manage one or more PAs, from producing job descriptions and placing adverts to obtaining references, CRB checks and providing terms and conditions of employment.

For more information please call Sue: 01493 743006

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